Overlook of the Deep Time exhibit at the Smithsonian, from the rear

DC Super Friends, Sans Capes

Hi everyone!

At the time of writing this, I have returned from the end-of-internship workshop in Washington, DC. Because it’s the freshest thing on my mind, I’ve decided to write this first and will have to fill you in on …

Goodbye Yellowstone!

Thanks to the Mosaics in Science Diversity Internship Program, I have a greater sense of respect and admiration for the National Park Service. Working with scientists in both the Greater Yellowstone Inventory and Monitoring Network and the Yellowstone Center for

Point Reyes

Big Time Festival

The past week here at Point Reyes has been very busy with the Big Time Festival. Just to recap from past blogs, the Big Time Festival is a celebration of the traditions and heritage of the Coast Miwok tribe, and …

Vishva and the Rocky Mountain Glaciers

Hi, everyone! I’m Kassidy, EFTA’s writing intern here in Boulder, Colorado. I have been doing some rounds of site visits for our blogs and recently visited Vishva, the Mosaics in Science communication intern at Rocky Mountain National Park. Continue reading