Northern Spotted Owl (Photo by Kevin García López)

What a Hoot!

An unexpected adventure of my summer internship so far has been tagging along with Taylor Ellis, a park wildlife technician, for a Northern Spotted Owl (Strix occidentalis caurina) survey.

The Northern Spotted Owl is threatened under the Endangered …

Wet and Dry Mapping

Montezuma Pass

Wet and dry mapping of the San Pedro River is an initiative of the Nature Conservancy of Southwest Arizona with the added collaboration of citizen volunteers from Mexico, and the Coronado National Memorial employees. The scientists and citizens …

Wildcat Beach from Coastal Bluff

Birder Extraordinaire

Welcome to blog number five from Point Reyes National Seashore! This week’s blog will focus on introducing an influential person: my supervisor Carlo Arreglo!

Carlo Arreglo (left), Kevin García López (center), and Diego Morales (right) running visitor center operations
Carlo Arreglo (left), Kevin García López (center), and Diego Morales (right) running visitor center operations (Photo

Influential Persons

Estefanía Ramírez and I at Coronado National Memorial (Photo credit, Kubby, 2019).

This blog focuses on women because most of the time I am working with them. They are very intelligent, creative, and dedicated to what they love. 

Jessica Garcia

Tomales Point

The Western Snowy Plover

This week’s blog will focus on something new I have learned. Given a recent outing with the park’s Snowy Plover biologist, I am excited to write about this very special shorebird than can be found in Point Reyes National Seashore! …

Corynorhinus townsendii

Bats in Southern Arizona

Corynorhinus townsendii. Bat netting at Chiricahua National Monument (Photo credit, Krebbs, 2019).

Since I started the internship, I haven’t stopped learning about other scientific fields different from my own. For example, I learned to work with bats. I did …

Down By the River

Minute Man National Historical Park (MIMA) sits on a historic landscape which has been carefully maintained for over two hundred years. In fact, the building I work out of overlooks the Old North Bridge along the Concord River where the …

Field Trip Frenzy

As of late, many more school groups have been taking interest in field trip opportunities here at New River Gorge National River. The ranger staff cannot handle several groups at a time, so unfortunately they have had to turn some …