Quite the Adjustment

So far, working on this project has been very interesting, as I am confined to exploring Wind Cave virtually. Despite not physically being at my site, my supervisor has worked hard to make me feel included and useful to the …

Goodbye Yellowstone!

Thanks to the Mosaics in Science Diversity Internship Program, I have a greater sense of respect and admiration for the National Park Service. Working with scientists in both the Greater Yellowstone Inventory and Monitoring Network and the Yellowstone Center for

Aloha and E Komo Mai to Hawai’i!

Recieving a warm aloha (hello) and e komo mai (welcome) to Hawai’i!

View from plane to Hawai’i; photo by MyLynn Phan.

Most people travel to Hawai’i to tan on beaches and have the best experiences of their lives. My journey …

Chimney Rock (Photo by Diego Morales)

Fish On!

The focus for this week’s blog is something special. I recently accompanied the fisheries crew for an electrofishing survey! Before we drove out to the site, I got to pick out a pair of waders for the trip and this …

King's Palace

An Inside Look at the Resource Division at Carlsbad Caverns

The Resource Division at Carlsbad Caverns is responsibility for managing the park’s natural resources. The resources can be divided into three categories: paleontological (cultural resources), physical (caves, geology, hydrology), and biological (plants, animals).

Erin Lynch, Physical Science Technician, Carlsbad Caverns