Goodbye Yellowstone!

Thanks to the Mosaics in Science Diversity Internship Program, I have a greater sense of respect and admiration for the National Park Service. Working with scientists in both the Greater Yellowstone Inventory and Monitoring Network and the Yellowstone Center for

Aloha and E Komo Mai to Hawai’i!

Recieving a warm aloha (hello) and e komo mai (welcome) to Hawai’i!

View from plane to Hawai’i; photo by MyLynn Phan.

Most people travel to Hawai’i to tan on beaches and have the best experiences of their lives. My journey …

Chimney Rock (Photo by Diego Morales)

Fish On!

The focus for this week’s blog is something special. I recently accompanied the fisheries crew for an electrofishing survey! Before we drove out to the site, I got to pick out a pair of waders for the trip and this …